HARBORCENTER Brand Development 1


It’s a unique challenge to get people excited about a building. Most of us don’t think twice about the structures we enter day-to-day. Unless that building is an emerging icon amongst a century old skyline. HARBORCENTER was built in 2015 and required a visual identity as arresting as the structure itself. The project presented an opportunity to develop a look in conjunction with the construction of the structure. Blueprints inspired design elements. Varied occupants inspired harmony amongst brand identities. A building inspired a city.

Logo Process

In 2015, PicSix Creative was presented with its very first task: To make HARBORCENTER a recognizable brand that would illustrate the importance of its contribution to Downtown Buffalo.

HARBORCENTER Logo Process 1 desktop
HARBORCENTER Logo Process 2 desktop
HARBORCENTER Logo Process 3 desktop
HARBORCENTER Logo Process 4 desktop
HARBORCENTER Logo Process 1 mobile HARBORCENTER Logo Process 2 mobile HARBORCENTER Logo Process 3 mobile HARBORCENTER Logo Process 4 mobile


Designing collateral for a mixed-use building presented a unique challenge. We created separate logos for each entity that would express their unique personalty but coexist harmoniously under the same umbrella.

HARBORCENTER Collateral 1 desktop
HARBORCENTER Collateral 2 desktop
HARBORCENTER Collateral 3 desktop
HARBORCENTER Collateral 4 desktop
HARBORCENTER Collateral 5 desktop
HARBORCENTER Collateral 1 mobile HARBORCENTER Collateral 2 mobile HARBORCENTER Collateral 3 mobile HARBORCENTER Collateral 4 mobile HARBORCENTER Collateral 5 mobile


Our design team at PicSix brought HARBORCENTER’s branding to life through environmental design from murals and elevator wraps to parking maps and wayfinding.

HARBORCENTER Environmental 1 desktop
HARBORCENTER Environmental 1 mobile

PicSix Creative, Buffalo, NY