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One Buffalo

Stories about ownership changing in sports doesn’t always have a happy ending. But in October of 2014 the rarity became reality. After speculation about the future of the Bills in Western New York, Terry and Kim Pegula finalized the purchase of the team securing their future in a city where the Bills mean more than just the games played on the field. Now that the two largest sports teams in Buffalo were united the city was reinvigorated with civic pride. It was up to PicSix to develop a marketing campaign that could be a rallying cry for the people of Buffalo and become a mantra passed down through generations.

The result: One Buffalo.

The campaign continues to be a bond between the Bills, Sabres, and the community. It is a celebration of the future of sport in Buffalo and the family who has invested so much into the city. It is intended to bring the community of Buffalo together as a representation of teamwork and a deeper connection between Buffalo sports teams and their fans. It is a meaningful sign that we are all moving in the same direction: One Team; One Goal; One Community; One Family; One Buffalo.


In hindsight, it is clear that some things were meant to be. The paperwork was filed with the NFL and the Pegulas were officially the owners of the Buffalo Bills on October 8th. On Sunday October 12th, the Bills would play a home game where they would be formally introduced as owners. On Monday October 13th, the Sabres would play a home game and provide an opportunity to continue the celebration. One Buffalo launched on that fateful Sunday in October with a massive card stunt and a hype video voiced by the incomparable Chris Berman. It continued as One Buffalo t-shirts were strewn on every seat at KeyBank Center on Monday. Fans were called to action via a social media mosaic. Show your Buffalo pride using #OneBuffalo then the images were placed into a massive One Buffalo image made up of the community’s efforts. The wave of pride continued to swell.

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Products • Apparel

The t-shirts given out at the Bills and Sabres game created a demand for One Buffalo products. The fans rallied around the idea of One Buffalo and wanted to show their support for their teams and their community as no other city had. Before long, it was not uncommon to see One Buffalo across the clothing of a proud Buffalonian.

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The campaign resonated with the entire city. Expanding beyond the hallways of KeyBank Center and New Era Field and into the community. Local businesses were swept up in the new sense of pride as well and wanted to leverage the campaign to show their pride in their city. One Buffalo is so pervasive that it unifies beer, ice cream, and blood drives in a way that few campaigns can.

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The unification of the brands had hit its stride. Immediately fans identified their teams under One Buffalo. The natural progression was to extend this idea into the digital space. The My One Buffalo app, featuring digital ticketing, a robust membership program, and a bevy of in-venue utilities was created to give fans a seamless mobile experience across New Era Field, KeyBank Center, and HarborCenter. PicSix was able to develop a brand around an app that not only had never been done before by any organization, but also didn’t even exist.

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PicSix Creative, Buffalo, NY