Bills Run Deep

People often turn predicting the outcome of sporting events into a game of its own, but the real drama of sports comes in its unpredictability. In 2016, the PicSix creative and marketing teams were tasked with messaging a particularly unpredictable season for the Buffalo Bills. Where do you start? You turn the camera away from the field and focus it in the stands, the community, and the bloodlines that share a passion for the team. In other words, focus on your one constant.

Bills Run Deep presented a dramatic departure from brand messages of the past and took a larger look at what the brand meant between the community and the team. Red bursts from blue cores, custom brushes of DNA-like-webs all say, ‘within the heart of the player is the fan and within the heart of the fan is the team.’

Campaign Look Development

The campaign presented a bit of a design challenge: We wanted to tell a fairly complex story that would resonate with each and every fan. We as designers have to get that message across in one visual. Our solution was to create a 'double exposure' effect that submerged our fans inside some of our core players, showing the unity between this region and our players. Once a Bill, always a Bill, it runs deep.

Print • Digital Design Collateral

Because of the complexity of each visual, we created a strong, clean custom font for the logotype to balance out the design. The notches within the B, R and D were inspired and play off the back of the charging buffalo's stripe. We also dropped the crossbar of the 'E' along with the bowl of the 'R' and 'P' to form a line that hints to an ancestry bloodline, another core component to the campaign.

Broadcast & Game Presentation Video

Our video and motion graphics teams pulled the campaign together by adapting the double exposure effect to fans, players, and the iconic charging buffalo within the branding video.