(716) Food and Sport

Every venue has an anchor tenant, and as the concept of HARBORCENTER was being developed, along with it came (716) Food and Sport. The project represented more than just opening yet another sports bar that served food, it was about developing a point of pride in the newest jewel in the Queen City’s crown.

PicSix Creative dialed into the iconic area code that connects all of Western New York and built a detailed world that treats everyone to an approachable, passionate, and yet VIP sports experience. From the ice-like bar carved by pro-skates to authentic-triggered goal lights to a 38-foot HD feature screen, PicSix’s cohesive design and marketing strategy made 716 Food and Sport a regional landmark.

Branding Concepts

When the PicSix creative team was tasked with designing a look that reflected Western New York’s heart and soul, dozens of concepts emerged. These are just a few of the early branding directions for 716 Food and Sport, including merchandise adaptations—a key aspect of logo integration.

Architectural Design

PicSix set out to turn 716 Food and Sport into a fully immersive VIP sports experience through architectural design and carefully curated elements that created a real game-day-like experience. Highlights include a two-story bar overlooking a state-of-the-art 38-foot feature video screen, a VIP “Player’s Lounge” area, custom bars carved to resemble hockey ice, and larger-than-life branding elements to pull it all together.


PicSix partnered with a local architecture firm to bring the experience to life.